Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It's been a few months since posting a new NWOM but I'm picky. You dig? Okay...yeah. I've been a bit busy too. But look. This has been well worth the wait. Check-out the dude of the month.

John Forbes is our needle-worker of the month for October. This cat is amazing. I first met John & his beautiful bride right when I opened YY. The 1st thing he did when he walked in was give me a big ole bear hug.

Forbes is a macho hunter type dude who called himself a hooker. Yep. He's a crocheter. Since meeting him John has expanded his talents to knitting as well. He took it a step further by designing his own patterns in less than 2 months after taking-up knitting.

Okay. He cheated a little bit. WAY before needle-working JF was creating balloon art . What CAN'T this guy do?

I've got the patterns for John's felted elephant & felted eyeball at Yorkshire Yarns. Yeah. That's right. JF has designed a pattern for a felted eyeball w/detachable optic nerves in the back. I placed it in our baby crib at the store. It's just so cute and just in time for Halloween! "Poodleman" designs are available exclusively at Yorkshire Yarns. SNAPS!

Currently John is working on his patterns for Frankenstein, a felted giraffe and an original Road-Kill series. Yep. I'm grinnin' too. I can't WAIT to see this!

Look for John at YY to teach our classes for "Real Men Who Knit". He'd like to call it something else but I'd have to changed this post to an R rating. (Don't go there, John.)

So there you have it, folks! Put your hands togethah for John "Poodleman" Forbes!


Shannon said...

I have GOT to get down there and see that eyeball.

Love what you're doing here, Sonya.

Sonya Kaye said...

oh snaps!