Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She's a winner!

Jennifer Conway is our big winner for the first annual South Sound Yarn Crawl . The event was held on May 16-18 this year. Jennifer visited every shop on the crawl to qualify to qualify for a $500 shopping spree.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Don't hate me cuz I'm cute."

When I met baby Reece's grandmother Reece wasn't quite ready for the world. Grandma Joy walked into Yorkshire Yarns one Saturday for the 1st time.
Immediately, she fell in love with the Dream in Color Tulip/Rocketry Sweater.
She ugently made the sweater along with a matching hat. At one week of life Reece is looking lovely in his made to order sweater & cap.

So, for simply being a loving grandmother, a talented knitter and introducing us to our youngest & most beautiful customer our
Needle Worker of the month is Grandmother Joy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Champ

For November I'm singing the praises of master knitter, Judy Huth. Judy was crowned Grand Champion in 2004 for the knitting catagory at the Puyallup Fair. The pictured Alice Starmore sweater is displayed proudly at Yorkshire Yarns. The "Mary Tudor" design took Judy about 6 months time to make over a year span.

Since working for Yorkie Yarns Judy has gained quite the following among knitting enthusiasts. Listen, she knows she's good. We all do. I mean, c'mon. Look at the work of art picture above. Good grief! Even so, Judy she takes a humble approach when teaching others advanced knitting techniques. Many have been encouraged to stretch themselves way past what they believed they could do because of Judy.

So here's the Reader's Digest version of her knitting history. Her mother taught her to knit & crochet when Judy was 8. She continued teaching Judy the basics up until Judy was 19. Ms. Huth didn't take knitting seriously until she was in college and was looking for something "mindless" to do during her study breaks. (Dang. I wish I could be so mindless in my knitting. *grin*)

Anyhow, if you'd like to see the "Mary Tudor" and meet Judy in person visit Yorkshire Yarns during our opening hours. And keep an eye on our schedule for Judy classes!

Congratulations, Judy. You are truly dah bomb.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It's been a few months since posting a new NWOM but I'm picky. You dig? Okay...yeah. I've been a bit busy too. But look. This has been well worth the wait. Check-out the dude of the month.

John Forbes is our needle-worker of the month for October. This cat is amazing. I first met John & his beautiful bride right when I opened YY. The 1st thing he did when he walked in was give me a big ole bear hug.

Forbes is a macho hunter type dude who called himself a hooker. Yep. He's a crocheter. Since meeting him John has expanded his talents to knitting as well. He took it a step further by designing his own patterns in less than 2 months after taking-up knitting.

Okay. He cheated a little bit. WAY before needle-working JF was creating balloon art . What CAN'T this guy do?

I've got the patterns for John's felted elephant & felted eyeball at Yorkshire Yarns. Yeah. That's right. JF has designed a pattern for a felted eyeball w/detachable optic nerves in the back. I placed it in our baby crib at the store. It's just so cute and just in time for Halloween! "Poodleman" designs are available exclusively at Yorkshire Yarns. SNAPS!

Currently John is working on his patterns for Frankenstein, a felted giraffe and an original Road-Kill series. Yep. I'm grinnin' too. I can't WAIT to see this!

Look for John at YY to teach our classes for "Real Men Who Knit". He'd like to call it something else but I'd have to changed this post to an R rating. (Don't go there, John.)

So there you have it, folks! Put your hands togethah for John "Poodleman" Forbes!